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You’ve made it to retirement, the children are off your hands, you enjoy a small retirement pension and a lovely home. There is just one thing missing – enough money to fulfill those dreams you’ve always had about what you would do when you retired.

Assuming you have paid (or almost paid) off your mortgage, the current market value of your home is yours. All you need to do is to tap into it.

There are various ways you can unlock the some of the equity in your property. For example you could downsize to a smaller property. Downsizing will give you maximum value but there are disadvantages such as the hassle, disruption and cost of moving. Do you really want to sell the family home you have lived in for years? You may lose touch with friends and neighbours in the area you live in.There is however, a solution that allows you to stay just where you are. Equity release plans are now available that allow you to release much needed cash from your home, while you retain the right to live in it for the rest of your life. The money you release can be spent as you wish:• Home Improvements
• Holidays
• Helping your Grandchildren
• Repaying Loans and Credit Cards
• A New Car

Types of Equity Release Scheme

There are two main types of equity release scheme – a lifetime mortgage (sometimes called equity release mortgage or equity mortgage) and home reversion.

• Home reversion: You sell all, or part, of your property to a home reversion provider in return for an income for life, and sometimes a cash lump sum. You are guaranteed the right to continue living in your home for life, rent free (or peppercorn rent.)
• Lifetime mortgage: A mortgage raised against the value of your house to provide a cash sum. Either as one lump sum, flexible drawdown of cash as you need it, or a regular income. Your options will vary depending upon the company or provider chosen. You are not required to pay back the loan until you move house, go into residential care or die. Interest is charged on the loan and may be paid or rolled up. Ownership of the property is retained by the borrower.

Concerns about lifetime mortgages

Working out ways to have a more enjoyable and comfortable retirement often concerns others, not just those in or nearing retirement. You may like the idea of a lifetime mortgage as a way of being able to release cash from your home rather than having to sell it. After all, you’ve probably invested money, time and effort into your property and might prefer to stay near your friends and neighbours. But you may also have some concerns.

You might have some questions about lifetime mortgages that you’d like answers to. Releasing the equity in your home is a serious matter and not a commitment to be entered into lightly.

• What do you do if you think your children are expecting to inherit your home for instance? You might be concerned that your children have less, or nothing to inherit.
• Equity release may affect your future options for moving or selling your home.
• You may be concerned about losing social security and other benefits.
• There may be alternatives to equity release that are more suitable such as obtaining local authority grants for home improvement.

Lifetime mortgages – how Gateway can help you

We can advise you on all the important issues to help you make a fully informed decision.

• To book an appointment phone 07778 480 007
• Your family and anyone else you would like, are welcome to join in.
• We talk you through how lifetime mortgages and home reversion plans work.
• We discuss the options with you, your friends and your family.
• We will discuss the alternatives to equity release.
• We do not expect you to decide at the first appointment, this is so you have all the time you need to consider if it’s in your best interest.
• You can arrange a follow-up appointment if you wish and everyone can discuss your options further.
• To book an appointment, call us or use the online form to contact us

We offer a full advice and recommendation service for which we will charge a fee. Our fee is typically £795, of which £195 is charged on application and £600 on completion. Gateway Equity Release is a trading style of Gateway Financial Limited. Registered Office: The Old Bakery, 1 Clifton Street, Stourbridge. DY8 3XR.


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